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What is Jow Ga Kung Fu?

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Jow Ga is a traditional Kung Fu fighting system that's well known for being a practical fighting system, making it excellent for self-defense in today’s modern society.  Jow Ga emphasizes big punches, strong strikes, efficient attacks, fluid defense and strong stances.  This system makes use of hard and soft fighting techniques along with quick footwork.  Jow Ga is a well-rounded fighting system that includes grappling anti grappling techniques which is vital in a world of MMA grappling style opponents. See students in action.

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Jow Ga kung fu academy sifu Edward Tomaine

Jow Ga Instructors are dedicated to the training and conditioning of Jow Ga students.  Self-defense and fighting is like every sport and activity that we do in life.  It takes practice and conditioning to become good enough to use it.

Sifu Ed Tomaine along with his instructors make sure that are conditioned properly resulting in fewer injuries and overall improvements in strength, balance, memory, flexibility and focus. 

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Latest News

8/18/2016 Kung Fu in the Park

Planning for Sunday Kung Fu Practice in the Park has begun. We are looking for suggestions on which parks to practice in.  Practice in the park will start in September 2016.

8/18/2016 New Media Library

We finally have a full feature media Library, that supports video, photos, and audio files.  New content is being added to the library daily.  Students and Instructors can sign in to see student only content. 
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08/18/2016 Record your forms

Remember to record your forms so you can see where you need to make improvements.

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