What is Jow Ga Kung Fu?

Jow Ga Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese martial arts fighting system that's well known for being practical and fierce, making it a perfect solution for today's self-defense needs. The system includes grappling, striking, and escaping techniques.

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Our Instructors

Our instructors are highly skilled and patient with students of all ages. Their customized teaching methods make it easier to learn self-defense and fighting techniques. Each instructor teaches at the student's pace and provides the necessary support and guidance for the student to achieve his or her goals.

Jow Ga Academy Instructors

Try Jow Ga Classes Free for a Week

Not Sure About Jow Ga? Try a Week of FREE Classes!

No more guessing. Free classes are a great way to experience our training up close. You'll know without a doubt, if Jow Ga Kung Fu is right for you.

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Classes and Traditional Training

Looking for traditional and modern strength training?

Our training greatly improves functional strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and the student's ability to physically defend himself /herself.

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Reality based Self - defense Classes

Don't have time to master Kung Fu? Sign up for a Self-defense Class

Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy provides reality based self-defense classes for individuals, groups and youth organizations. 

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Jow Ga Kung Fu Students in Action

If these students can do Kung Fu, then so can you.

Watch videos of our students training and doing real Kung Fu. Our school takes pride that our fighting looks like Kung Fu and not generic kickboxing.

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Happening this week

Monday's Training

Regular Classes

Wednesday's Training

Regular Classes

Thursday's Training

New conditioning and strength building exercises to burn off extra pounds and to turn you into a Jow Ga Tiger. Make sure you bring your mouth guard. It's time to take off the training wheels and accept your progress to the next level. Conquer fear and move forward.

Saturday's Training

Regular Classes

Sunday's Training

Forms training, conditioning, strength building. See what you are missing.


Women embrace their warrior heritage with martial arts

Women have been portrayed throughout the centuries as being helpless and weak. Hollywood, toy companies, and beauty magazines create the belief that women cannot be strong and beautiful at the same time. Parents encourage their daughters to be "princesses" who should marry a "prince."  But times are changing as women are showing that they can do what men do.  Women are warriors by nature and today more women are embracing their warrior nature through Martial Arts and combat sports.  Evidence of this can be seen in Hollywood as we continue to see more movies and T.V. with women being shown as being tough, heroic, and brave.


Is it true that women were historically known as warriors?

History has always spoken of the brave acts of men, but there is another side of history, where women ruled with power, commanded armies, and fought valiantly in battles, defeating enemies of greater size and strength.  If you ever thought you were not strong enough because you are a woman or girl,  then think again. These women are about to show you just how tough ladies can be.

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Picking a Martial Arts that's right for you makes all the difference

Picking a martial art and a school can be a challenging task, but you can make this process easier by understanding what you like and the purpose for which you want to take a martial art. The majority of today's martial arts schools fall under 8 areas of Training focus: Forms Tournaments, Point Sparring, Tricking, Entertainment, Fitness and Health, Belt Ranking, Competitive Sport, and Self-defense. While there are some schools that will mislead potential students about their focus of training, the majority of the schools are very clear about what their focus is and how the students are trained. A school's focus is often reflected in the weekly training of the students, during the drills, sparring and attitude of the instructors. We make picking a martial arts easy for you.

How Choose the Right Martial Art School

What some schools don't want you to know about Black Belts

There is a common perception in western society that having a Black Belt makes you a tough person and that you know your Martial Arts. For many years now the media and even some schools have pushed this perception to brainwash students, parents, and the general population into thinking martial arts belts are the ultimate trophy to gain. Everywhere you look, you see and hear the perception that the highest achievement and the ultimate level to Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Karate is to get the legendary black belt. Once you achieve this level you will be a fearless, skill fighter with everything you'll need to defeat your bullies and attackers.

Here's the reality about black belts and your training and what people don't tell you.

5 Secrets about black belts


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