Jow Ga History

Jow Ga Kyun History 周家拳
Master Jow Lung was born in 1891 on March the 11th in Kwantung Province, Saa Fu Village.  As a youth Jow Lung developed an avid interest in martial arts and studied Hung Ga Kuen(洪家拳) from his uncle Jow Hung as well as other forms of martial arts such as Choy Ga Kuen from the renowned Master Jau Gong from the same village. When he was nineteen, Jow Lung traveled to Southeast Asia to make his living. It was here that he learned the Northern Style Shaolin martial arts. Eventually he incorporated these with the Southern Styles, combining and creating Jow Ga style of Kung Fu (周家拳). Therefore, Jow Lung is considered the main founder of Jow Ga Kuen, which is also written differently in English based on dialect and sound (Jow Ga, Zhou Jia, Chau Ka, Chow Gar etc.).  See a video of Jow Ga Kung Fu.

In 1911 General Lei Fuk Lam was ordered to hire a martial arts master to coach the military. In order to find the most qualified Martial Artist General Lei Fuk Lam held a Martial Arts competition of which the winner would be awarded the position.  The competition was broken up into 10 groups and used elimination bouts to determine the winner. Using his new style Jow Lung fought and won each of the elimination matches and made it to the final round. Jow Lungs opponent was Guan Gin Sze, one of the best martial artist in the area. Jow Lung defeated Guan Gin Sze and became Military Martial Arts coach.  When Jow Lung enlisted his brothers to aid in teaching, the "Five Tigers" fame grew even more.  Jow Lung was a very strong leader and his brothers and students would look to him to solve problems and dissolve disagreements.  The brothers worked hard and opened schools all over Southern China. In a very short time Jow Ga was known all over Southern China.  Their growth was unprecedented.
Because of political unrest in China, Jow Biu along with Li Ngou, Grand Master Chan Man Cheung 陳萬祥 (師公) and other students immigrated to Hong Kong and today there are over 50 branches now operating in Hong Kong.
Jow Ga Lion Dancing is also very well known. Before World War II, during the inauguration of King George II. Hong Kong held a huge parade in his honor. The Hong Kong government requested a group from the Jow Ga School, led by Jow Biu to perform at the ceremony. The Jow Ga Lion Dance team has performed for several large parades and events in Hong Kong. During Queen Elizabeth's 25th Silver anniversary, the Jow Lung Branch sent a 300 person Lion Dance Team to perform at her parade.

Because of the incredible dedication of the Jow Family, the Jow Ga System of Kung Fu is one of the most widely practiced and most traditional Kung Fu Styles in the world today. Its’ success can be attributed to the innovation, courage, discipline, and since of family of the Jow Ga Five Tigers and their disciples.

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