Programs for martial art and fitness lovers

Jow Ga Kung Fu Classes

Jow Ga Kung Fu is the complete self-defense and fitness activity.  It provides detail training designed to strengthen and condition the body so that more advanced kung fu and self-defense techniques can be used.  Jow Ga Kung Fu is highly recommended for those who are looking for a unique way to be fit or a realistic martial art for self-defense.

Kung Fu Fit (See School Locations for availability)

Kung Fu Fit is designed for those who want the fitness of Kung Fu but not the self-defense of Kung Fu.  Kung Fu Fitness will help to make you faster, stronger, and functionally fit.

Programs for General Self-Defense

Practical Self Defense for non-martial artists (See School Locations for availability)

The Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy provides a general self-defense class designed to help non-martial artists to avoid and escape dangerous situations.  Our self-defense class teaches techniques that can be done without martial arts strength and conditioning.  We teach students self-defense techniques based on what is realistically possible to do without marital arts training.

Anti-Bullying (See School Locations for availability)

Bullying these days is vicious both mentally and physically, it affects both children and adults.  The good news is that there are very effective ways to avoid it and deal with it.  Our Anti-Bullying classes were designed by someone who has personal experience with this as a child and as an adult (both online and offline) which provides valuable insight to the world of bullying.

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