Jow Ga in Action


Takedowns and Takedown defenses

Jow Ga Kung Fu techniques include grappling, takedowns, grappling escapes, grappling defenses, and grapplining counters.  Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy is one of the few schools outside of  Sanda and Shuai Jiao schools, that teaches Kung Fu grappling techniques.  Students learn to defend against single and double leg takedowns, shoots, trips, throws, and various grabs.

What makes Jow Ga Grappling Different?

Unlike the grappling that is done in Brazilian Jiujitsu, MMA, Wrestling, and other various grappling systems, our goal is to put our opponent on the ground while we stay off the ground. Jow Ga students train using kung fu based grappling and throwing techniques.












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