Chief Instructor Sifu Edward Tomaine

Sifu Edward Tomaine began his training in the early 90's in Hung Ga and Northern Long Fist Kung Fu and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. After serving in the U.S. Air Force he moved to the Washington D.C. area and began the study of Jow Ga Kung Fu, Mizong and traditional Lion Dance. After several years of training he moved to Germany to work on Ramstein AFB and began teaching the Airmen and Soldiers traditional Chinese Kung Fu until moving to Georgia in 2010. Wishing to continue his training in Jow Ga he sought out renowned Jow Ga Sifu, Derek Johnson, was accepted as a student and eventually became a Sifu under his lineage. In 2012 he opened the Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy in Suwanee Georgia, which is run by senior students and is currently living and teaching in Bicester, Oxfordshire England.

He continues his study of Jow Ga Kyun under his teacher and is also studying the more esoteric combat training of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong. In addition to martial arts he studies holistic healing arts, Meditation, Hatha Yoga and traditional Feng Shui. He is First Aid CPR/AED Certified and is a Dorn-Method practitioner and offers a complete holistic lifestyle to his students. He believes that Kung Fu is a way of life and can be practiced by all people to improve health and overall well being.



Assistant Instructor Dai Sihing Jon Strong

Dai Sihing "Older Brother" Jon began his martial arts training with the Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy shortly after our opening and has recently been promoted to assistant instructor. Dai Sihing Jon has rarely missed class since joining the school and can always be seen before and after class working on his Kung Fu. His patience, attention to detail and willingness to work with new people makes him one of our key instructors for Beginners and intermediate students.

Dai Sihing Jon's knowledge of Jow Ga Kung Fu includes multiple empty hand and weapon forms. He is often seen paying close attention to students training and looking for opportunities to help students as well as share his knowledge of Jow Ga Kung Fu.  Dai Sihing Jon teaches the regular kung fu classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

He heads the Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy in Gwinnett County, Georgia with Si Hing Marvin Billups.




Sifu Explains Wheel Punch


Jow Ga has a big circular wheel punch known as Luk Cheui (pronounced Luck Choy).  This punch is one of the basic punches that new students will learn as a beginner.  This punch is extremely deceptive at intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Kung Fu Forms for Fighting


Sifu sheds some light on how to translate Jow Ga kung fu forms into practical and functional fighting techniques.  Many martial arts schools often fail in teaching students how to actually use martial arts techniques in real fighting which is why everything looks like Kickboxing or Karate.  See what other schools miss

Why Train Horse Stance?


Stance training is one of the most important exercise that a Jow Ga kung fu student can do.  Our instructors take pride in a student's strong stance because all technique, power, and speed flow from the strength of the stance.  Sifu talks about the horse stance and why it's so important to our school and training.

Sifu Explains Tiger Claw


The kung fu tiger claw is one of the most misunderstood technniques in martial arts.  You'll see it in a variety of martial art schools and even in some self-defense classes.  The truth about the tiger claw is that it's not about scratching or hitting with palm.  Sifu clears some of the misconceptions aboutthe tiger claw and more.



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