3 Systems of Jow Ga Kung Fu

Jow Ga Kung Fu (also known as Jow Gar, Zhou Jia) is a traditional and practical fighting system that combines 3 Shaolin Systems; Hung Ga Kung Fu, Choy Ga Kung Fu, and Northern Shaolin Shaolin Kung Fu. The system is also known as Hung Tao Choy Mei (the head of Hung and the tail of Choy) as it combines the powerful upper body techniques of Hung Ga and the quick kicks and the swift footwork of Choy Ga. Jow Ga contains techniques that utilizes simultaneous attacks and defenses, powerful and deceptive strikes, grappling, and evasion. The system is designed to work against multiple attackers which gives students the confidence and the ability to defend themselves even when he or she is outnumbered.

The system itself was designed to be a practical open hands and weapons fighting system that is easier to use in fighting in comparison to many other martial arts fighting systems do to its simple approach and powerful techniques. With Jow Ga there's no need for high kicks to the head. Instructors at the Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy discourage students from using high kicks to the head as Jow Ga has many techniques that exploits the vulnerability of high kicks. High kicks are only done in class for the purpose of training counters and defenses to these kicks.

Our school strives to maintain strengths of Hung Ga, Choy Ga, Northern Shaolin and Jow Ga as we train.

Hung Ga

Hung Ga Kung Fu is well known by the general public through movies about China's Folk hero Wong Fei-hung. Hung Ga is known as a Southern Shaolins style kung fu. It's known for strong stances and powerful hand techniques. The system contains long and short strikes that involve punching, clawing, slapping, pushing, pulling. The kicks found in this system are powerful as well. You'll see many techniques from Hung Ga used in Jow Ga. Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy students train stances daily as an important component of self-defense and competitive fighting.

Choy Ga

Choy Ga Kung Fu is known for its swift footwork and quick movements that work well for the crowded alleys and streets of China. Lower leg strength is critical for utilizing fast Choy Ga punching and kicking techniques. Students at the Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy take pride in our footwork. We train hard so that our attacks flow quickly through our hand techniques, kicking techniques, and footwork. Fast footwork minimizes the time that our attackers have to hit us. It also opens up opportunities for us to counter attacks and to quickly defend as needed.

Northern Shaolin

Northern Kung Fu styles have deeply extended postures connected by quick flowing transitions. The techniques emphasize long range techniques, quick advances and retreats, kicking and leaping techniques, and agility. This type of training is one of the most physically demanding components that Jow Ga Kung students will experience. The specific Northern Shaolin techniques that students train require strong legs and endurance in order to make the techniques effective.


Hung Ga Video


Jow Ga combines the hands and power of Hung Ga,

Choy Ga Video


the quick footwork of Choy Ga,

Northern Shaolin Video


and the agility of Northern Shaolin.

Jow Ga Kung Fu


Students train and use techniques from all three systems as shown by Sifu Derek Johnson. Hung Tao Choy Mei: The head of Hung and the tail of Choy



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