Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy & Holisitic Health Centre

511 Main St. 

Forest City, Pennsylvania

Phone: 570.785.2300

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What to bring for your first Jow Ga Kung Fu Class:

  • Extra Shirt - You are guaranteed to have a good sweat from the exercises and will most likely need a dry shirt to change into after class.
  • Drinking Water - During the short breaks you'll need to replace the water that you'll lose through sweating.
  • Comfortable Clothing - Wear clothing that is comfortable to bend, kick, and punch in.
  • Shoes - Wear sneakers that have a reasonable flat bottom.  Running shoes are not recommended as they increase the risk of ankle injury.
  • Towel - A towel is also helpful to wipe excess sweat.
  • Most importantly a positive attitude, patience, and the understanding that kung fu can't be learned in one day.


Sifu Edward Tomaine

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