Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy Sparring and Open Sparring Classes

Sparring Times:

Thursdays: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Regular Sparring Class Time

Saturdays: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Open Sparring Invitation Only

Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy provides 2 types of sparring opportunities for students who wish to learn how to fight using Jow Ga Kung Fu:

  1. School Sparring
  2. Open Sparring

School Sparring

School sparring sessions are only for Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy students.  Students are taught how to correctly apply kung fu techniques in a free sparring session against various opponents of different, size, age, weight, and skill level.  This type of training is vital for any type of realistic self-defense training as women, children, and men may have to face a larger, faster, or more skilled opponent.  Our students appear to be fearless because of this training as they are used to sparring against larger and higher skilled opponents.  Jow Ga Kung Fu techniques are covered in detail during school sparring.

Open Sparring

Open sparring is open to practitioners from other fighting systems.  This training helps Jow Ga students learn how to fight against students from different fighting systems.  Sparring against students from different fighting systems gives Jow Ga students a deeper understanding of the techniques and strategies found in Jow Ga Kung Fu.

Grappling systems are welcome but keep in mind that we practice on a concrete floor.

Our Philosophy on Sparring

Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy philosophy is simple; Sparring is for learning and not winning.  Every sparring class and sparring activity is monitored to ensure that students keep the philosophy that they should only be focused on learning how to use Jow Ga Kung Fu during sparring.  The theory behind this is that if sparring is too intense then students will fall back on the basics and what makes them feel more comfortable.  Too high of an intensity level means that students will not take the necessary risks involved with learning Kung Fu.  Too low of an intensity level means that techniques will be unrealistically applied which greatly increases the chances that a technique will fail.  If I focus on learning how to be successful with my kung fu techniques then winning a real fight will almost occur by default.

You can't win or defend yourself unless your techniques are successful.

Conditioning Exercises

Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy students participate in various conditioning exercises that help prevent injury and serious bruising. Our method of conditioning starts with gentle conditioning and allowing the body to naturally become tougher.  Our conditioning is gentle enough and safe enough for children to do. This is a healthier type of conditioning that is required to be able to effectively use certain kung fu techniques.  Children are required to be 9 years old and older before being allowed to do this type of conditioning.

Light Contact Sparring

Light contact sparring is used by all skill levels.  It's safe and controlled sparring that can be done without equipment.  Light contact sparring allows students to explore kung fu techniques and to learn how the techniques are applied.  It's an excellent exercise for beginner students.  Intermediate and Advance level students also participate in light sparring as it helps them to refine their techniques.  It's common to see instructors participate with and coach students in during light sparring.

Medium Contact Sparring

Medium contact sparring is for intermediate and advanced skill level students who want to spar at a higher intensity.  The expectation at this level is that students are able to block a majority of the basics punches and kicks as student do not hold back punches as much.  Safety is always first even at this level.  It is expected that students at this level have the ability to pull power off punches and kicks if they see that their sparring partner will not be able to block the strike.  Heavy sparring requires approval from instructors.


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