Free Trial FAQs

A week of classes is 5 days of training for our school.  Classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays

No you do not need to be in shape.  If you can walk up and down 14 steps without pain then you can do Jow Ga Kung Fu.  Students train at their own pace and within their own capabilities.  If you are out of shape then Instructors will customize your training to ensure that you become stronger and healthier in a way that is best for you.

No experience is needed.

There are age restrictions with exceptions.  We normally do not train children under the age of 7.  If parents believe that their child has advanced coordination skills for a child of his or her age, then we make make an exception.  Our youngest student was 5 years old when she joined.  She had the necessary focus and coordination to do basics.  She also had a unique ability to copy what she saw which makes it easier for her to do some of the techniques.   Martial arts in general is great for children who like to copy what grown ups and older kids do.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing that will allow you to be flexible. Flat sole sneakers of some sort is recommended.  Running shows are not recommended.  Shoes that allows you to make quick stop and go side way movements are recommended.

Just let us know that you need to cancel your free trial so that we can informat the instructors. 

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  It’s for beginners & newcomers
  All fitness levels are welcomed
  No experience necessary

We make it easy for you to learn more about Kung Fu, self-defense, and traditional martial arts fitness by offering you a risk-free, no obligation, 100% FREE 1 Week TRIAL.  
During your 1 week trial, you’ll experience first-hand, what it feels like to train with us as a new student.  You will be treated and helped as an official student and your training begins on day one of your trial.  The same training that you would get as a beginner students is the same training that we start you with during your free trial period.



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