Jow Ga Kung Fu Classes

Our class curriculum is designed to enhance one’s self-defense and physical abilities, mental awareness, and overall health.  Jow Ga Kung Fu is unique because it’s a traditional and practical fighting system making it easier to use than some of the more flashy martial arts styles out there that require extreme flexibility.  Your Jow Ga Kung Fu training will incorporate modern and traditional fitness exercises that will develop the explosive strength, flexibility, agility, muscular and cardiovascular endurance.  Our instructors will make sure that you develop the necessary mental and physical strength that is required to defend yourself.

Students train in 5 main areas

  1. Fitness and Traditional Conditioning
  2. Drills and Forms Training
  3. Reality based self-defense
  4. Sparring and Application
  5. Fun

The Serious Stuff

Fitness and Traditional Conditioning

Self-defense and Kung Fu has the same requirement that any physical activity or sport has; you have to be fit enough to do it.  We take our health seriously and the Instructors customize the exercises the as needed for a student to get the most out of it. 

Benefits of our Fitness and Conditioning Execises

•  Strengthens bones, tendons, ligaments, and muslces that are missed by fitness gyms

•  Improves / increases cardio and muscle endurance, lung function, balance and coordination, bone density, and bone health

•  Improves brain health, function, memory, and increases the number of nerve connections in the brain

•  Relieves stress, calms the mind, improves focus, and awareness

•  Helps students to lose and mange weight

•  Improves the body's functional mobility by strenthening joints and other components related to everyday movement

•  Tones and shapes the body according to your natural build.  There is no risk have a body that looks out of proportion

•  Traditional Conditioning exercises are done in ways to prevent injury


Drills and Forms Training

Drills are used to teach students martial art techniques, efficient movment, strengthen, the body, and create new new connections in the brain that make it possible for student to learn new body motions and coordination   What is learned in drills are then practiced in Forms where your body will experience a satisfying workout.  In Jow Ga Kung Fu,  Forms serve as a library of techniques, practical fighting combinations, improves agility and endurance among other
Benefits of Drills and Forms Training

•  Includes same benefits of the fitness and traditional conditioning

•  Serves as your library of techniques and applications

•  Reprograms the body so that it naturally responds in self-defense situations

•  Teaches actual Kung Fu fighting combinations

•  Helps students with understanding kung fu and how and why it works

•  Improves fighting agility and mobility

•  Makes kung fu easy to learn

•  Teaches patience, concentration, self control

•  Improves self-esteem

•  Changes the mindset of "I can't" to "I can"


Reality Based Self-defense

Jow Ga Kung Fu is self-defense.  Everything that we do is based on being able to realistically defend ourselves.  The system has offensive and defensive fighting techniques and strategies, grappling, awareness, and escape techniques.  We do not train or compete in point sparring.  We do not waste time with techniques that can't protect us.  Because of our training students are able to achieve true self-confidence within themselves.

Benefits of our reality based self defense training

•  You will become stronger, faster, and better prepared to defend yourself.

•  You will develop realistic and practical fighting and self-defense skills

•  Aggressive people with criminal mindsets will no longer view you as easy prey to physically attack

•  You will develop a brand new awareness of your surroundings.

•  Bullies (both adult and child versions) will see you as a someone who should be avoided instead of someone they should harass

•  You'll gain the skills necessary  to handle a majority of self-defense situations

•  You gain skills to quickly analyze a situation before, during, and after a conflict has been encountered

•  You'll learn how to control your fear and panic.

The Fun Stuff


Students spar with the focus of learning how to use their techniques.  This means that as a student you'll be able to safey train and make learning mistakes without the fear being severly injured.  The intensity levels of the sparring matches are based on the opponent with the lowest skill level.  This ensures that a beginner student can spar safely against a more advanced student.  Our goal isn't to beat each other.  Instead we focus on trying to execute our techniques at the correct moment and with correct timing.  It is common to see our students spar, smile, and laugh while sparring from the enjoyment of getting techniques correct and doing well.

Instructors spar with students as well and provide coaching during sparring while students are attacking and defending against the instructors.  Our students are often more skilled than a majority of the students who train at other schools.

As part of our training we spar against other martial art styles.



Yes, we focus on fun as a major component.  Life gives us more than enough activities that we don't enjoying doing. It's really important for people to have a weekly activity where they can do something that they enjoy for at least 1 hour each class.  This is especially important for parents who want to get in shape, exercise, or just relieve some stress.  Teens enjoy it as it allows them to cope with "ups and downs" of being a teenager.  It has been medically proven that exercise + Fun = great cure for depression.  Exercise releases chemicals that improve ones mood and the Fun part is because the students and instructors have a good sense of humor and never miss an opportunity to keep everyone in a positive mindset.   This positive mindset is critical to learning so if a student is having a bad day, the instructors will help students to let go of the negative emotion.  As a student you will find that our school is truly a place where you can forget your problems for at least an hour or two.




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