Jow Ga Kung Fu Curriculum

At the Beginner stage students will learn basic stances, hand and leg techniques.  Level 1 is the foundation stage and it is important that it is not rushed as the rest of the system will be built upon these basics.  There are 5 levels at each stage and it generally takes1-3 months for each level depending upon personal ability and the amount of time spent training outside of class.

Beginner Fighting Sets

Beginner I:

Forms the foundation that makes it possible for students to learn more advanced techniques. It helps to build the required strength, balance, and coordination required to use basic Jow Ga and Kung Fu techniques.  It's common to see advanced students to continue to practice the basics as part of regular training.
Form: Punching Form / Stepping Form
Techniques: Moving Basics 1-3

Beginner II:

四 平 拳 Sei Ping Kyun (Four Level Fist)

Sei Ping Kyun is the first real taste of a Kung Fu form where students learn fighting combinations and get their first glimpse into Jow Ga fighting, self-defense, physical endurance, and determination.

Beginner III:

小伏虎拳 Siu Fuk Fu Kyun (Small Subduing Tiger)

Beginner IV:

雙 頭 棍 Sueng Tao Gwan (Double Headed Staff)

Sueng Tao Gwan is the first weapon form that beginners learn.  Many students enjoy this weapon because it's practical for modern day use.

Beginner V:

Set: Man Ji Dui Chak (10,000 Character Fighting Set)

At the Intermediate stage students will move on to more advanced weapons and open hand forms, as well as sparring and Chi Kung exercises.  At this level students should be adept at lion dance (where available) and have a good understanding of Jow Ga fighting theories and history.  At this stage eligible students will act as Assistant Instructors and will assist in teaching Beginner level classes to help develop their learning.


Intermediate Fighting Sets

Intermediate I:

Form: 花拳  Faa Kyun (Flower Fist)

Techniques: Three self-defense applications from the Form

Explain the concept of Yin & Yang and its relationship to Kung Fu

Flower Fist increases student's speed, agility, and endurance to a new level as they learn to attack from numerous angles.

Intermediate II:

Form: 虎 尾单刀 Fu Mei Dan Dou (Tiger Tail Broadsword)
Techniques: Three self-defense applications from the Form
Explain the following:  The Chinese characters shown here can usually be found in a place of honor at most schools of Jow Ga Kung Fu.  In Cantonese it reads:
“Yung Lik, Lik Jung Nung Jair Lik, Lum Gei, Gei Noi Yiu Gwun Gei.”

Intermediate III:

Form: 萬字拳 Man Ji Kyun (10,000 Character Fist)
Techniques: Three self-defense applications from the Form
Describe the theory of Mu Ying & Yow Ying

Intermediate IV:

Form:  纓槍 Ying Cheung (Tassel Spear)
Techniques: Three self-defense applications from the Form

Intermediate V:

Set: 雙頭棍對拆 Sueng Tao Gwan Deui Chaak (Staff vs. Staff)
After completion of the Intermediate stage students will learn some of the key forms in the Jow Ga Kung Fu system.  This is Instructor level and students should be able to conduct a class on their own and have a firm understanding of how to apply the techniques from the forms.


Advanced Fighting Sets

Advanced I:

小鷹爪拳 Siu Ying Jow Kyun ( Small Eagle Claw)
Chop Jai Seung Bay Sou (Double Daggers)

Advanced II:

梅花雙刀 Mui Fa Seung Dou (Tiger Tail Double Broadsword)
 大伏虎拳 Dai Fook Fu Kuen (Big Crouching Tiger)

Advanced III:

羅  漢  拳  Lo Hon Kuen (Arhat/Buddha Fist)
虎叉 Fu Pa (Tiger Fork)

Advanced IV:

 虎 豹 拳  Fu Paau Kyun (Tiger and Leopard)
中八卦棍 Jung Baat Gwa Gwan (Middle 8 Trigram Staff)

Advanced V:

Set: 槍對單刀 Cheung Deui Daan Dou (Broadsword vs. Spear)


Additional Forms

After completing all 3 levels, students will have the opportunity to specialize in some of the more esoteric forms of the Jow Ga system.  The forms learned will be determined by the students’ abilities and desire.

Additional Fighting Sets
Gwok Ji Kyun - Country Character Fist
Seung Tao Cheung - Double Headed Spear
Saam Jit Gwun - 3 sectional Staff
Sup Gee Kyun - 10-Character Fist
Siu Hung Kyun - Small Hero Fist
Gao Chi Dai Pa - 9-Tooth Spade (weapon/farming tool and known as a rake)
Kiu Dun - Bench (weapon normally used for sitting)
Bau Jong Do - Forearm Swords aka Butterfly Swords
Chor Tau - Hoe (weapon used for farming)
Chai Jong Kyun - Wooden Stake Fist
Lok Kwok Chung Kyun - 6-Cornered Seed Fist
Swallow Tail Straight Sword


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