Reality Based Self-Defense Classes

Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy offers a unique reality based self-defense class designed around traditional martial arts and modern methods of fighting and training with the goal of helping you become better capable of defending yourself against real world dangers and threats. Classes are based on the life experiences of Si Hing Marvin Billups who has personal experience with utilizing self-defense techniques, strategies, and methods in various environments from school to the streets and everything in between. All self-defense lessons are customized for students' abilities, fitness level, age, and most likely situation that the student will encounter.  Women, men, children, and seniors do not have the same level of risks and because of that, it is vital that students get the self-defense training that best serves them. Students are trained in 2 main areas: Non-Physical and Physical.

Non-Physical Self-defense Training

Non-physical self-defense techniques are the things that we do before any physical confrontation occurs. The main goals and focus of this training this training is to teach you  Preparation (emotionally and mentally), De-escalation, and Prevention.  It includes (but is not limited to).

  • Personal and Environment Awareness
  • Targeted Scanning
  • Attacker recognition and Analysis
  • Exits, Retreats, Shelter, Opportunites
  • Theories of Prey vs Predators
  • Visual and Audio Cues
  • Herd Protection
  • Body Mechanics
  • Self-defense limitations
  • Legal concerns
  • Strategy building
  • Escalation and De-escalation tactics
  • Embracing and Controlling Fear
  • The reality of attackers (no one likes to get hit in the face)
  • Utilizing the Bluff
  • Common Mistakes
  • Scenario Training

Physical Self-defense Training

Physical self-defense techniques are the things that require us to be physically engaged with the threat or danger.  At this level, all of our opportunities and efforts for a non-violent resolution have either been exhausted, failed, or in some cases, skipped entirely.

  • Body Mechanics and footwork
  • Covers, Guards, Shielding
  • Combinations
  • Punches, Kicks, and Escapes
  • Takedowns and Takedown defenses
  • Ground Defense and Recoveries
  • Environment and Scenario Training
  • Drills and sparring
  • Fighting strategy
  • Common Mistakes
  • Big vs Small, Stronger vs Weaker
  • Fight back strategist mode - tactician - deception
  • Scenario Training

Who do we train?

Classes for Women / Girls

School Based Self-defense


Age Groups and Organizations

Youth and Teens

We provide a customized youth self-defense course for students as young as 8 years old. Teenagers, 13-15 years of age, are trained together while teenagers 16-18 older are trained using a transition to adulthood curriculum. For most children and teens we recommend joining our school as a kung fu student where they can benefit from a longer training period in self-defense. This is especially true for recent high school grads before they go to college.


The adult curriculum uses scenarios that are most likely to happen to adults ages 19 - 50.


Our senior curriculum is based on those ages 60+. This curriculum is shorter as physical abilities at this age are not the same as when we are younger.  Classes teach students how to use self-defense within their capabilities. Introduces gentle exercises to help maintain or improve current physical conditioning. If you are still fit at 60 then you are more than welcome to join our regular adult classes.


We provide self-defense training and classes for schools, clubs, work places, youth groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, Fraternities, Sororities, and even other martial arts schools.


Specialized Women's Girl's Self-defense


Girls learn that being a princess is not a tradeoff for being able to protect herself.  The curriculum is based on specific challenges, threats, and dangers that girls are most likely to encounter. Girls learn the same self-defense techniques that boys learn plus more


Women will learn about their inner warrior and how to productively embrace their aggression, frustration, and energy (things that men embrace more readily). Women experience the empowerment that comes with able to defend themselves.  Just like the classes for girls, the classes for women are based on the challenges, threats, and dangers that women are likely to encounter. Women learn the same self-defense that men learn plus more.

Mother Daughter Self-defense

This is a 2 person self-defense training lesson that teaches self-defense as a team effort where mother and daughter operate as a pack to help increase their safety. Men naturally have a pack mentality as they are taught that they have the responsibility to look after the family. The term family extends beyond biological family and can include friends. Women and girls often seek independence but this is one of the times where being part of a pack has great benefits.

School: Harassment and Anti-Bully Self-Defense

Middle School and High School

Today's bullying is not the same as it was 20 years ago. Today's kids and teens are stronger, bigger, and are more brutal than children of 20 years ago. Unfortunately, we are just as likely to see a child or teen commit violent crimes as we are an adult to commit a violent crime. In many cases, such violent acts cause life-long trauma and permanent physical damage with the worst case scenario being death.

Our self-defense class will help improve your child's ability to stay safe at school. Classes are specifically designed to help your child not to become a target in the first place and to be able to physically protect themselves if needed

Online Harassment / Bullying (Cyber bullying)

Technology has improved our lives in some ways and in other ways it has made things 100 times worse. The danger of only bullying is that there is no consequence for it and it allows people to hide behind false identities. In addition, it's not localized to a school or a neighborhood. The cruelty can be initiated globally and can literally ruin the lives of any child or adult. The good news is that it's easier than most people tend to think and it just requires determination, self-esteem, and the understanding that it can end with the end of a click or be prevented much easier than avoid or preventing a physical attack

Multiple Attackers

Health and Fitness

Private Classes


Multiple Attacker / Multiple Victim Self-Defense

Mutiple Attacker

Jow Ga Kung Fu is designed to fight off multiple attackers, but students in the self-defense classes don’t know Jow Ga Kung Fu.  This means that fighting off multiple attackers is not going to be an option for most people.  For most people, multiple attackers means that it is time to escape.  Our self-defense class will teach you how to deal with multiple attackers and how to identify your escape path during all of the chaos.  You’ll need to be able to move your feet, avoid falling on the ground.  If you are on the ground then you’ll need to get up quickly, cover, recover, and escapes.  We’ll teach you what you’ll need to do to increase your chance of escaping and avoiding critical injuries.

Organization Self-Defense

Unfortunately, work place shootings are increasingly a cruel reality.  It's not enough for one person to have good self-defense skills in the work place.  It's necessary for all workers and employees to know what to do when violence hits the work place.  We help you understand the real options, possibilities, and realities of workplace violence.  The good news is that the same mindset needed for personal self-defense is the same mindset that employees as a group should have.   Like a pack of wolves, employees have to be able to coordinate their efforts to be the eyes and ears for each other.  We’ll teach you various visual and audio cues to be aware, how to map out safety and escape zones, and how to determine when a “last stand” situation is upon you.

Fitness and Conditioning Training

Self-Defense Bootcamp and Fitness Class

One of the things that people learn right away when it comes to taking a self-defense class, is that you have to be fit enough to defend yourself. None of the physical techniques that are taught are of any use unless the person is fit enough to perform them. Even something as simple as running away requires some level of fitness and endurance.

All of our self-defense classes contain physical exercises (designed for fighting and escapting) to help start you on the path of getting stronger. There is no exception to being fit, it is the one thing that has the biggest impact on your ability to protect yourself.

Need more fitness training?

We provide a self-defense bootcamp and fitness training every Thursday. The purpose of this training is to help you stay physically fit enough to use self-defense techniques. You will get fitness in conditioning as part of the self-defense training, but if you need more of this type of training, then you can join us every Thursday free of charge as part of your self-defense training package.

Private / Customized Classes

Private Lessons

Not everyone enjoys learning with a group, in cases like this we can provide private self-defense classes. These classes speed up the learning process as you are given 100% of the instructor's attention. The downside to the private lessons is that you'll miss out on what other students have to say, the experiences that they have had, and the questions that they ask.   We do make an effort to keep record of all questions that students ask and then make this information available in the student area of the website.

Customized Classes

For the most part, our self-defense classes are already customized, but you can customize your training even more by letting us know what you want and how much of it you want.

Self-defense is so extensive that you could easily spend seven days training one technique and one strategy.  The topic of awareness and how to be more aware is so extensive that time is dedicated to training awareness in every class session.





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