History's Women Warriors

Tales of brave men and boys often see the first light when history is told, but there is another side of history in which women were strong warriors and generals that let men into battle. Women have accomplished many great feats that built nations and destroyed enemies. One of the best things about martial arts, is that makes it easy for women to accept and nurture the warrior's strength that has always been a part of her.  Unfortunately this strength is rarely acknowledged, nurtured, or accepted by those who think women should be less.

This page is dedicated to the female students of Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy in appreciation of the hard work and training that the women give during class (especially during sparring).  Let the history of those great female warriors of the past and present inspire you as you embrace a fighting spirit that has always been part of your DNA. The female students of Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy go through the same training and get some of the same bruises from training and sparring get that the male students get. 

Our school is fortunate to have an even mixture of female and male students and we are always looking for more women to join ranks of our lady tigers.  For hundreds of years women have been made to feel a need to embrace, helplessness, weakness, and the perception that a strong woman looks manly.  Let the stories of these famous female warriors show you that women are strong warriors by nature and inspire your next training session at our school.

Fu Hao

China (c. 1250-1192 B.C.) Shang Dynasty

Fu Hao one of the 60 wives of Emperor Wu Ding. She rose to lead several successful military campaigns against the enemies of the Shang. According to the oracle bones found in her tomb, she defeated the Tu-Fang, a tribe that fought the Shang for generations, in one decisive battle. She led campaigns against the Yi, Qiang and Ba tribes

Fu Hao died before Wu Ding, a tomb was built for her near Anyang. Lady Fu Hao's tomb is one of the best preserved from the Shang dynasty. Archaeologists were able to establish the identity of the tomb's owner as Lady Fu Hao from the inscription of her name on the tomb's ritual bronzes.

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Mother Lu

China 18 AD

Mother Lu was a self-made general who recruited her own arm and marched on the capital of Haiqu to kill the magistrate who executed her son.  It is said that she presented the severed head of the magistrate to her son’s tomb as an offering.   She is recorded in Chinese history as the first Chinese woman to lead a rebellion

Not much is known about Mother Lu except that she was the mother Lu Yu, a young civil servant, who was executed by Wang Mang who ruled during the Xin Dynasty.  Wang Man was a very unpopular ruler, and the execution of Lu Yu was the life changing event that set Mother Lu on her path as a warrior.

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Another movie I haven't seen yet. Starting Michelle Yeoh

Fun Fact:  She's 54 years old, does her own stunts, started with ballet, and has no formal martial arts training outside of what she learns for movies.

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