Mother Lu

China (? - 18 A.D.) Xin Dynasty

Not much is known about Mother Lu except that she was the mother Lu Yu, a young civil servant, who was executed by Wang Mang who ruled during the Xin Dynasty.  Wang Man was a very unpopular ruler and the execution of Lu Yu was the life changing event that set Mother Lu on her path as a warrior.  Mother Lu was incredibly wealthy (wealthy enough to hire her own army).  Being that the majority of the population were unhappy and desperate men, she was able to recruit thousands of men and was able to arm them.  Mother Lu died from illness a few years after achieved her revenge in 18AD.  She played a significant role in history because she inspired numerous people to rebel against Wang Mang’s rule. Her followers became the major force of the Red Eyebrows Rebellion led by Fan Chong, who eventually was able to overthrow Wang Mang’s regime.  Although Mother Lu never lived to see the day.  Historians credit her for starting the wave of uprisings that led to the fall of the Xin dynasty.


The video on the left gives some historical information about the Chinese Dynasties.  This will help put things into perspective of when Mother Lu lived and the turmoil that occured during the dynasty eras.


Mother Lu Mother of a Revolution

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